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 INformation for season 4

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PostSubject: INformation for season 4   Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:35 am

this was found on wikiapedia,it is not known if it is true or not but it has been correct before
I cacciatori di fate" (The Fairy Hunters) / "The Fairy Hunters"
"4" April 15, 2009 (2009-04-15) August 21, 2010 401
At the Alfea High School the students now have six exceptional teachers: The Winx. However the fairies don't realize that some evil wizards, belonging to the "Black Circle", entered the school in order to kidnap Bloom. And they do not yet know that a new mission, never done, is waiting for them.
02 (80) "L'Albero Della Vita" (The Tree of Life) / "The Tree of Life"
"7:The Perfect Number" April 17, 2009 (2009-04-17) August 25, 2010 402
The Winx find out that the Wizards stole the magic from Earth, and that there is one last fairy that they are looking for, initially mistaking Bloom for that fairy. They go to the Pixie Village to ask help from the pixies to find the Tree of Life that will guide them to the last fairy. But along the way, the find out that this task might not be as easy as they thought...seeing as how the Pixie Village is deserted.
03 (81) "L´ultima Fata della Terra" (The Last Fairy on Earth)
"Roxy" April 20, 2009 (2009-04-20) 403
The Winx arrive in Gardenia to live with Bloom's adopted parents, but soon realize that the arrangement won't work. They try out many jobs to pay their own way, but thanks to Stella, they are fired from each and every one of them. With a little help from Flora's magic, and a couple of boxes with stuffed animals from one of the jobs, they discover many new, surprising, magical friends. With the help of Vanessa, the Winx open up a pet shop named Love&Pet that also doubles as their home. Roxy is introduced as a girl with a dog that loves animals and has very powerful magic that has yet to be tamed.
04 (82) "Love & Pet" (Love & Pet)
"Magic The Perfect Pet" April 22, 2009 (2009-04-22) 404
Thanks to Tecna's homepage, Love&Pet is turning into a success. Bloom meets an old friend named Andy who invites The Winx to the Frutti Music Bar. The Black Circle and the Specialists arrives in Gardenia, with the specialists spying on their girlfriends. Meanwhile, the Black Circle begins their search to find the last fairy of Earth, Roxy, whose animal power is revealed.
05 (83) "Le regalo del Mitzi" (Mitzi's Present)
"Dark Magic" April 24, 2009 (2009-04-24) 405
The Specialists try to fit in on Earth, but have some problems doing it. The Black Circle bewitches the animals at Love&Pet, making them become rampaging monsters when they get hungry. With the help of the Specialists, the Winx captures all of them and reverts them back to normal, rescuing Mitzi from one in the process. Stella and Brandon have a fight as Mitzi kisses Brandon as a thank you for saving her, prompting Mitzi swears to herself that she will have Brandon in the end.
06 (84) "Una Fata in Pericolo" (A Fairy in Danger)
"Secret Pt.1" April 27, 2009 (2009-04-27) 406
The Winx find out that the girl that worked at the Frutti Juice Bar when they were there, Roxy, is the last fairy of Earth, but so does the Black Circle. Brandon and Stella are both very upset because of their fight, but don't want to show it to each other and Mitzi's meddling makes trouble for all the couples. Thanks to Roxy, who finally starts to believe in fairies, all the Winx girls earn their Believix and are finally able to put up a decent fight against the Black Circle.
07 (85) "Winx Believix" (Winx Believix)
"Secret Pt.2" April 29, 2009 (2009-04-29) 407
Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Layla, Roxy and the specialists are finally able to give the Black Circle a real fight. A mysterious blue figure appears and helps Roxy come to terms with her powers. The specialists all get jobs at the Frutti Music bar thanks to Roxy and things seem to be smoothed over between the girls and their boyfriends for the moment.
08 (86) "Il Cerchio Bianco" (The White Circle)
"The Winx Code" May 1, 2009 (2009-05-01) 408
The Winx, together with their new friend Roxy, travel to a farm from Roxy's childhood, drawn their by a strange feeling, where they are attacked by the Black Circle who has tailed them once again. It's there that they find the White Circle, a powerful artifact that aids Roxy in chasing away the Black Circle. The girls also discover their new power to make people believe in magic.
09 (87) "Nebula" (Nebula)
"Mirror" May 4, 2009 (2009-05-04) 409
As Bloom tries to reassure Sky that she and Andy are just friends, Roxy while holding the White Circle is possessed be anger and rage and goes to take on the Black Circle.
10 (88) "La canzone di Musa" (Musa's Song)
"Song 123" May 6, 2009 (2009-05-06) 410
Musa and Riven go to a recording studio where Musa sings for a record manager that likes her voice, but Riven does not like the record manager, and this causes him and Musa to drift father apart. While this happens, the other Winx and Roxy try to get the people in Gardenia to believe in fairies, but not it's until a fire created by the Black Circle (who Bloom is able to defeat with an explosion) is extinguished that they manage to do so.
11 (89) "Winx Club per sempre" (Winx Club Forever)
"Winx Were Back Again!" May 8, 2009 (2009-05-08) 411
The Black Circle comes to Roxy's house to steal her power, but she detects them and calls the Winx, who are able to rescue her. The Winx are out shopping when an alarm goes off nearby and five masked thieves cross their way. The Winx try to capture them, but are unsuccessful, only making matters worse in the end. Nabu has proposed to Layla, but before she can tell anyone, she and Stella get into an argument because she wasn't there to help them, but they manage to make peace just in time to defeat the robbers. At the same time, Roxy discovers that she can make her dog Artú talk and while doing so, her powers comes to life.
12 (90) "Papà! Sono Una Fata!" (Dad! I'm A Fairy!)
"The Power Of Roxy" May 11, 2009 (2009-05-11) 412
Roxy's powers are getting stronger and so she decides to tell her father about her being a fairy, but when she gets home, she discovers that the Black Circle has abducted her father and finds herself being captured as well, the Circle planning on using her to bargin for the White Circle. As the Winx rush to find her, Artu, Kiko and the pets launch their own rescue mission, Artu becoming terribly wounded in the process and prompting Roxy to finally unlock her Believix. The final showdown between the Winx and the Wizards is about to begin...
13 (91) "L'Attacco Degli Stregoni" (Attack of the Wizards)
"Wizards" May 13, 2009 (2009-05-13) 413
The Winx and the Wizards battle for Roxy, who refuses to take any part in becoming a fairy after when Artu was attacked, but soon she finds herself to be the only one who can fight back as Ogron threatens to destroy Gardenia and her father. With the aid of the White Circle, and the voice, Roxy attacks Ogron. When Ogron tries to destroy the city the people of Gardenia panic and Bloom uses her Believix to make them stop and believe. Then, with people believing in fairies The Winx became Stronger and the Black Circle/Wizards were weakening. Bloom attacked them, but they don't know if they won for good. In the end, they have a celebration.
14 (92) "7: Il Numero Perfetto" (7: The Perfect Number)
"Rare Animals" October 14, 2009 September 21, 2011 414
The Winx girls and Roxy must deal with their new popularity within Gardenia while also dealing with a pair of animal thieves who're stealing rare animals from all over Gardenia.
15 (93) "Lezioni di Magia" (Magic Lessons)
"Popularity Of A Fairy!" October 16, 2009 415
The Black Circle are not to happy with the Winx's new popularity and have decided to trash their reputation by turning Mitzi and her two friends into Dark Fairies. At the same time, Jason invites Musa to his wedding and the Winx teach Roxy the basics of being a fairy.
16 (94) "Un Mondo Virtuale" (A Virtual World)
"Inside A Digital World?!" October 19, 2009 416
Tecna made a virtual world in her computer in order to hide the White Circle. But while the Winx go to perform in Frutti Music Bar, the Wizards of the Black Circle enter the virtual world to find it.
17 (95) "L'Isola Incantata" (The Bewitched Island)
"Island of Roxy's Vision" October 21, 2009 417
The Winx girls travel to the island from Roxy's vision, the mystical world of Tir Na Nog sealed within the White Circle. Upon arriving, a mysterious figure keeps calling out to Roxy and a dark force soon abducts the Winx, taking them to the prison of all Earth's Fairies. Upon defeating the force and undoing the lock that keeps the fairies imprisoned, things seem to be alright at first, but then it turns out that the Earth Fairies want revenge against their captors at all costs, even if it means destroying Gardenia.
18 (96) "Believix Potere Winx" Believix Power of Winx
"Winx Just Gather Your Friends!" October 26, 2009
The Winx Are Having A Hard Time.
19 (97) "Segreto di Sky" Sky's Secret
"What?!" October 28, 2009
The Winx Are Going Back To Magix.
20 (98) "Una Storia D'amore" a love story
"The Witch Is Back!" October 30, 2009 The Trix Are Back.

21 (99) "Il libro di Magia" The Book of Magic
"Magic Time!" November 02, 2009 The Winx Use Secret Spells.

22 (100) " La Vendetta del Fate" The Revenge of the Fairies
"Revenge!" November 04, 2009
The Fairies At The School Are Getting Revenge.
23 (101) "Valtor?!" Valtor?!
"The Return Of Who?!" November 06, 2009 Valtor Comes Back.

24 (102) "Un Segreto, Un Mistero"One Secret,One Mystery
"One Little Secret" November 09, 2009
Bloom Keeps A Big Secret.
25 (103) "Una battaglia, sette ragazze" One battle seven girles
"Trix Of Winx?!" November 11, 2009
The Trix May be Getting The Winx.
26 (104) "Una Nuova Leggenda è Generata"A New Legend Is Created
"The Last Spell" November 13, 2009 sunny
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INformation for season 4
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