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PostSubject: Welcome(Rules)   Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:33 pm

Welcome new members to winxdreamworldz
this is a basic forum with basic rules so here they are flower
•No cursing and/or swearing.
•Language is strictly PG-13.
•If the images are big, please do not insert them directly into the forum but link to the image instead.
•UPDATED: Signature picture are allowed but don't be too large.
•Newly registered members will have post moderation if the post contains links or images. After 25 posts, you will automatically promoted to the normal Members group which there is no moderation. (If you have at least 10 posts, contact an administrator for early promotion)
•No messages with any direct or implied discriminatory remarks may be used anywhere within the forum.
•UPDATED: Do not argue with moderators or administrators in regards to forum moderation, listen to them until further notice and do not argue in the public. If you feel that a moderator's action is unfair or unjust, PM the administrators instead.
•Do not use full sentences in languages other than English unless a translation is included in the same post.
•NEW: Shock and pornographic images/sites/videos are strictly not tolerated. Any member found doing this will receive a ban based on the severity.
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